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Just Beliebing: Is it wrong of me to say I’m embarrassed to be a belieber right now...



Is it wrong of me to say I’m embarrassed to be a belieber right now because I don’t think it is. Our fan base is so rude its unbelievable. We’re not rude to only each other but everyone else and that’s embarrassing. No one likes us because of how we treat people. All of the drama that happens all…

I like you. ;).

Couldn’t have said it better myself

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OMGG. Guys!! Ok so I was looking at Selena’s videos and I clicked on her playlist “Make Me Smile”. I came across a song on the playlist by Kelly Rowland and I’m like “ooh whats this song..” The first couple lines of the song were “Everybody’s saying that we should get back to together” “Everybody’s saying we’re meant to be together” and I flipped out. This song must really relate to her I hope it still doesn’t but the song is basically about everyone thinks their “love is beautiful” and perfect but how we don’t see everything the guy(Justin) puts her through and that we’ve never seen the tears hes made her cry and stuff like that. Listen to the song guys omg. I’ve always wondered what happended in the relationship and now heres a great hint or clue. I hope things are much better with them and patched up. CANT WAIT FOR THE FLIPPIN BILLBOARD AWARDS!! AHHH YAAAY.

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